Dancing in the Sky - Neutral & Cheerful Girl's Nursery

Our designer Sarah just had a little girl and we are so excited to share her nursery design board with you!

Her goal was to create a warm and cozy nursery that makes you think of sunshine, the sky and just a happy place with lots of soft happy colors. She also wanted a flexible color pallet that she could add many elements to and not necessarily have a specific main color theme such as pink or purple. 

Here are a few tips/recommendation by her to create a neutral girl’s room:

  • If your goal is to create a room that is neutral overall but has feminine touches, then start with a main feature that’s fairly unisex. For our baby girl's room we chose our hot air ballon decal as the focal point which is very neutral.
  • The set comes with many more smaller elements such as airplanes but we choose not to install all on the wall as the room and the wall were fairly small. You can also play around with the layout on the wall and see what works best for your room
hot air balloon wall decal nursery | Peppy Lu
  • Then it was time to add a few more pieces that were feminine yet tied in to the overall look. The small plushies and Tammy the Sheep artwork were chosen as our favourites. 
baby girl nursery decor | Peppy Lu


  • The carpet was a bit of challenge! There were so many lovely carpets that we picked but since the walls were going to make the show, we decided to choose a more subtle carpet. Our tip is to choose one hero only, either the wall or the floor! Otherwise they will compete with each other and make the room design too busy.

Nuetral girl nursery decor | Peppy Lu

  • The dresser was a huge win too! We were inspired by a DIY inspiration on Pinterest and since we weren't able to find a uniquely colored dresser that was ready-made we took up the challenge and painted this amazing Ikea dresser with the color of our choice!

nursery dresser Ikea hack | Peppy Lu

  • The rainbow quilt was a perfect final touch too that added extra warmth and happiness! The colors tied in beautifully.

rainbow decor nursery ideas | Peppy Lu

  • Please see below for all other sources.



Wall Decals: HERE

Storage Bin: HERE

Crib: HERE

Lighting: HERE

Rainbow Quilted Blanket: HERE

Mirror: HERE

Sheep Wall Art: HERE

Dresser: HERE

Carpet: HERE

Rainbow Toy: HERE

Mouse Ballerina: HERE

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