How long does it take to receive my order?

Our current turn around time is about 2 weeks for handmade products and 3-5 business days on prints and wall decals.
If your order is time sensitive though please contact us in advance and we may be able to meet your deadline.

Shipping time varies depending on your country. Below are a few examples:
  • North America: 3-9 business days. (We are located on the East Coast)
  • International: 5-8 business days

How do I install the wall decals?

Please visit this page HERE for a full guide on installation with easy to follow videos.


How do the wall decals look on colored (non-white) walls?

Please note all our decals are individual pieces cut out around the artwork with no white edges. The colors of the wall will make a difference on the overall look. The decals are not see-through and the colors pop the most on a white wall. However, many of our customers love them on grey and beige walls too as it's a personal preference.


Are the wall decals removable/reusable?

Our vinyl wall decals are removable but not reusable. However, some smaller decals can be reused if they are removed with care. Please see the removal instructions below.

How do I remove the wall decals? Will the walls get damaged?

For removal use a blowdryer to heat the stickers. This will make them soft and much easier to remove. Remove them very slowly so the material doesn’t stretch.
If the above steps are followed closely there should not be any damage to the wall and we remove them constantly in our studio. 
Please note: In rare cases, damage to the paint can occur. This may be due to quality/age of the paint and other conditions beyond our control. 

Are the original paintings on canvas?

Yes, the original paintings are done on 3/4" thick stretched canvases.

Are the frames included?

Frames shown are NOT included with any of our artwork. Majority of the artwork are done on 3/4" thick canvas and can be hang as-is without a frame.

Can I frame the canvas paintings?

Framing is only optional and not a must, as the canvas is wrapped around the wooden frame. Most clients actually prefer the authentic canvas look without the frame. But if you do decide to frame them they would most likely have to be custom framed. Some ready-made frames may happen to fit when glass is taken out. We recommend taking it to a professional framer to fix/staple it permanently.

How should I hang the canvases?

Canvases can be hung as is. They are very light weight and any 2 nails can easily hold them. (the wooden frame at the back will just sit on the nails). There is no need for a wire or hook. Adding a wire for such light weight pieces actually makes them lean forward sometimes, whereas letting them sit on 2 nails makes them flush with the wall.


What do I do if the 3D artwork with tutu gets wrinkled in shipping?

The 3D artwork with fabric/tutu skirts tend to get wrinkled slightly in packaging. Once they are unpacked the tutus just bounce back up with room humidity! For extra puffiness they can be steamed very lightly by using a kitchen kettle (make sure not to steaming the painting directly). That's how we do it!

Can I choose a different colour for the original paintings?

Yes, you can choose from the drop down menu of each listing. If there is a very specific colour that you have in mind we recommend mailing us a paint chip to match. Please keep in mind that colours may look different on each monitor as they are all calibrated differently.

Can I choose different hair and skin colour for the original paintings?

Different hair and skin colour is definitely possible and included in the price of each listing.

What other customizations do you offer?

We can customize a selection of our original artwork and prints by adding names, different tutu/background colour, and different hair styles at an extra cost. We currently do not customize the wall decals. Please see this page or contact us to inquire about the details.


What is your refund policy?

Refunds and exchanges are possible for non-customized pieces that are mailed back in the original shape within 30 days of the delivery. Once the product is returned to us, it can be refunded or exchanged with another piece; provided the customer pays for shipping both ways.