Kids Room Design Tips by Sheree Thompson

This lovely post is submitted by one of our favourite product stylists from Australia, Sheree Thompson of My House Loves! She can magically transform a room and add the perfect accessories to make a playful and fun room! Below please find her styling tips that she has kindly shared with us. For more interior inspiration and styling tips visit their page here.

Room Layout:

  • For the layout of the room, where possible, I like to always have the long side of the bed against a wall to make the most of the floor space available. Especially with younger children who like to spread their toys out everywhere!

Be Practical: 

  • There’s also the practical side of things, such as having storage and you can never have enough of it! I love using storage baskets in varying sizes, to easily pack away toys, trinkets etc. There’s a great range available these days, which can actually double as storage and as a decorative item in the room.
  • Shelving is also a great way to add storage and to also display the child’s favourite books and mementos.

Kids Room Design | Shenasi Concept

Add texture and colors

  • Mixing up children’s bedding is an easy way to add texture and colour into the room. Where possible, I like to buy bedding that is reversible to create different looks throughout the year. I love to add cushions and beautiful throws to create textures, layers and warmth.

Girls Room Decor | Sheree Thompson | Shenasi Concept

Add Artwork

  • I love using artwork above the bed, either one large piece or grouping smaller items together, like I’ve done with the ‘little girls dresses’ and the ‘jungle friends’ prints in these images.  
Girls Room Decor | Shenasi Concept
Kids Room Design | Shenasi Concept

Have fun with them!

  • Finally and most importantly, have fun with the styling of the room and try involve the child and their personality in the creation of the room! You’ll then have a room that the child loves and importantly wants to spend time in. 

By Sheree Thompson (guest blogger)

*Wall art prints in the above images are available here.

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