ART PRINTS - We do not carry any frames at the moment, but most of our prints are done on 8x10 or 5x7 paper which can be framed with any standard ready-made frames.

CANVAS - Most of our original handpainted pieces (including Dressi Divas) are done on 3/4" thick and can be hung as-is without a frame as well. But if you do decide to frame them, they would most likely have to be custom framed by your local framing store. Some ready-made frames (including Ikea's) may happen to fit when glass is taken out. But we recommend taking it to a professional framer to fix/staple it permanently. We also highly recommend Michael's for custom framing, they always have sales too!

Below we would like to give you some ideas and inspirations from our client's photos!

One of our favourite is oversized frames! Just hang the frame without a glass on the wall around the canvas! This is a very affordable solution which also makes a bold statement on the walls. You can even use any old frame at home, take out the glass and simply spray paint it in a bold colour like gold!

Dressi Diva Ballerina Art | Shenasi Concept
Art Framing Tips | Shenasi Concept
Or combine them in one frame!
Art Framing Tips | Shenasi Concept
Mix and match landscape and portrait orientations!
Art Framing Tips | Shenasi Concept
We love to see how you frame them as well!!