Holiday Gift Guide

holiday gift guide- nursery kids room
Holidays are just around the corner and we're so excited to have put together this gift guide for you! There is something special for every taste and budget

1) Felicity Butterfly Wall Decals

The Felicity butterflies are kind, sweet, and magical! They instantly transform any ordinary room or playroom to a joyful and dreamy space. They start from $25USD and are available in various sizes. 


2) Dressi Diva Pillow Cover

From playrooms to nursery rooms, our fully hand-painted and hand -sewn Dressi Diva pillow covers will bring a little sparkle and elegance! Available in 3 different colors, and her hair and skin color can be customized too at no extra charge. Perfect gift for under $50 USD.


3) Audrey Wall Art

Audrey is one of our classic and timeless Dressi Divas and is very popular around the holidays. She is fully customizable and you can change her tutu color, hair, skin etc starting at $38USD.


4) Jojo Plush Toy/Pillow

Jojo the owl is a friendly plush toy who adds a unique touch to any little girls room and sparkles their imagination! She is on sale at the moment and is on our list of gifts under $25USD.


5) Lila Wall Art

If you are looking for gift ideas for a baby girl, this handmade nursery art will definitely be a unique find! She is fully customizable and you can change her tutu color, hair, skin etc starting at $38USD.


6) Party in the Sky Wall Decal

This unique and playful wall decal is the perfect gift for those new parents on your list! It will transform the room to a fun and cozy room. 


7) Sierra Rainbow Wall Decal

Sierra rainbows are full of earthy and natural colors that make you feel like you are walking in a forest right after the rain! These fun wall decals are the perfect gift for anyone decorating a nursery or kids room. They start from $25USD and are available in various sizes.