Marlo the Hero

Are you ready for our latest character?!

Nursery Wall Art for Baby Girl - Marlo the Hero Superhero Artwork

Meet Marlo!

Marlo is Milo's younger sister who just adores her big brother! She loves playing with her dolls, but more than anything she likes to play with his brother and his toys! She really looks up to him you know! So when on that historic day when Milo became a superhero and saved a little boy's life (read the full story here), she decided to put on a cape too and team up with him. The two of them fly around the world and help little kids everywhere. She specially likes to help other little girls and hopefully inspire them too!

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Nursery Art for Girl - Marlo the Hero | Shenasi ConceptNursery Decor for Girl - Marlo the Hero - Superhero Art for Kids | Shenasi Concept