Milo the Hero

We are so excited to introduce you to Milo!

Boys Wall Decor - Nursery Art - Milo the Hero | Shenasi Concept

He doesn't go anywhere without his cape. He wears it as a security blanket because his family has moved to a new town and he doesn't really know anyone or anywhere!

As he was walking to school on his first day and wondering what kind of friends he could make, he heard a big scream!! As he walked closer, he saw a little boy stuck on top of a tree! Without thinking he springs into action and saves the little boys life!

He becomes famous, is given a courage award by the city, and from then becomes best friends with that little boy!

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(Story by P.Khorsandi)

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Nursery Decor for Boy - Milo the Hero | Superhero Art for Kids | Shenasi ConceptNursery Wall Decor - Milo the Hero - Boys Superhero Art | Shenasi Concept