Decorating Tips

In this section we will be sharing nursery design tips and kids room inspirations! Our very first post is submitted by the very sweet and talented Medina of MK kids interiors! We hope you enjoy and get inspired!

Kids Room Design Tips

by MK Kids Interiors

It is generally best to start with fairly neutral walls as a blank canvas. This allows room for experimenting with colourful accessories such as cushions, blankets, art, and buntings; which can be changed each season.


It is essential to incorporate elements, that your child is very fond of, for example this toddlers bedroom featured colourful numbers and shapes which were placed to encourage his love for numbers and mathematics.

On the flip-side a child's room must be playful and designed to grow with the child. When designing a toddlers room, and choosing furniture think about a 5-7 year old child. If you don't already have a toddlers bed, buy a single bed instead and use child guard rails, to protect your toddler from falling off the bed.

Mix and Match

In this section we'll show you all sorts of creative ways to mix and match our wall decor pieces!
 We hope to inspire you to create your own fun gallery wall!

Nursery Decorating Tips - Mix Match Art | Shenasi Concept

We love it when you mix and match our artwork with amazing decor peices such as this lovely handmade frill by Genwoo 


Nursery Decoration Inspirations & Ideas - Mix Match Art | Shenasi Concept

Mix and match animal characters with ballerinas, but keeping the colours simple and consistent!


Be Bold!

Nursery Decor - Baby Girls Room Design | Shenasi Concept

Don't be afraid of using contrasting colours! Girls room doesn't have to be all pink. Add a dark and bold shade of blue like our sweet client Amanda has in this pretty room!